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Additional Services

Service Price
WOF Inspection from $55
WOF Trailer Inspection from $33
Brake Fluid System Flush from $115
Power Steering Fluid System Flush from $140
Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush (includes 8 litres fully synthetic fluid) from $375
Cooling System Flush (chemical) from $260
Petrol Induction/Fuel System Service from $135
Brake Pads with Machining Discs from $350
Diesel Induction/Intake System Service from $150
Steering Rack Boot from $149
CV Boot from $195
Comprehensive Service Report Card from $30
Wheel Alignment from $80
Diagnostic Scan with ½ Hr Labour from $116

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"In addition to normal service they make it a practice to cast an eye on other areas of the car that might require my attention."

Matt, Whangaparaoa


"After 4 years as a customer, they are still my first call for all my car care and that of my immediate family and close friends."

David, Auckland


"What sets Whangaparaoa Autocentre apart is not just the cheerful reception, prompt service and quality workmanship."

Catherine, Albany